My name is Jarmila Matyášová and I am making the original decorations of different materials.
This is especially the painted decorations (magnets, toys, paintings..) textile animals and other items such as toys, Christmas cribs, wall decorations, pendants...

This work includes an original graphic design, technical design of production, complete production process (cutting, coloring, painting, varnishing, assembling for painted decorations; cutting, sewing, padding, painting, completion for textile animals).
Everything is handmadeThis is why the particular pieces of the product can be slightly different in its design, coloring and details.

Used m
aterials: paper, wood, paint, metal, textiles, cotton, polyester, ribbons, buttons, sewings ... and - above all - unlimited imagination and joy.

Another important part of my work are paintings (oil paintings) - for more information please visit or category PAINTINGS in this e-shop.